Covid-19 Safety Measures


by Aneequa Godart

Last week was ‘Sun Awareness Week’ in the UK, and what a sunny week it was!  Whilst we may not be traveling to exotic locations as anticipated this summer, it is still crucial to look after our skin at home.

For those of you with a garden, balcony or a park that has become your new gym, don’t forget that this means your skin is just as exposed to UV rays as if you were on that exotic beach, increasing your risk of sun damage but more seriously- for skin cancers, Not only that, but experts now say that HEV (High Energy Visible) rays also known as blue light, can also be emitted from our electronic devices and increase the risk of premature ageing including pigmentation and wrinkles.  Whilst most of us are working at home more than ever before, we need to consider this when choosing our skincare products.

Skincare-wise, exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, or using a retinol serum in the evenings can help to regenerate new, healthy skin cells helping your skin to look healthier and less dry, and reducing the appearance of sun damage.

Eating more antioxidant-rich foods such as the below can help to fight free radical and UV damage.

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